How We Work

To successfully compete at the highest levels of business, executives must be deliberate about choosing their goals and priorities–including what is not important.

Choosing your priorities may require a fresh perspective, a point of view that cuts through the clutter to identify the optimal, balanced solution. 

You may need data-driven expertise that utilizes technology to simplify, and improve decision-making and execution processes. 

Your opportunity may benefit from strategic connections which leverage our propriety relationships and network. 

We tailor our solution to help you lead and manage organization and digital transformation that reduces the negative consequences and amplifies the positive benefits.

Cedalion Partners has extensive experience in a variety of industries, including: 

  • Software & SaaS

  • Communications & Media

  • Unified Commerce

  • Software-Enabled Services

  • Business Services

  • Defense & intelligence

  • Cybersecurity

  • Payments

  • FinTech

  • InsurTech

“The task is… not so much to see what no one has yet seen, but to think what nobody has yet thought about that which everybody sees.”

Erwin Schrodinger

Physicist and father of quantum mechanics

Ben has been a trusted advisor to me for 3 years – over this period AIS has grown nearly 40% and completed a recapitalization. Ben’s unique combination of experience in Leadership, Fundraising, IT Professional Services, and Growth has made a big impact and created significant value for me and our Company. Ben and the Cedalion team are never shy about providing unbiased CEO coaching, growth advice and productive connections.

Larry Katzman CEO & President, AIS