About Us

If you’re serious about achieving strategic clarity, finding practical solutions, and maximizing business results, you need a partner to help navigate. 

A worthy partner helps connect the dots and see beyond the fog of the day-to-day. 

A trusted partner can empathize with challenges you face as an executive. 

An exceptional partner can coach by challenging your beliefs, encouraging best practices, and developing skills which make you more effective and your organization more productive.

Meet Ben Levitan

As a four-time CEO and Venture Capitalist with more than 25 years of business experience across a range of businesses, Ben understands leadership and growth challenges. 

Ben put his unique business acumen into practice working with Cambridge Technology Partners, Viant, Andersen Consulting, James Martin + Company and Nolan, Norton & Company.

A Word from Ben

Organizations are complex. Strategies and Leadership must accommodate evolving situations. Clarity and Focus easily gets clouded. With empathy, candor, and data, my team and I will help you see beyond the challenges to become a more effective leader. 

My practice focuses on helping you set BIG goals and manage expectations, then holding you accountable so you can achieve a satisfying and lucrative work-life balance. 

This is familiar territory for me. What I learned by recovering from a life-altering accident, combined with my corporate leadership experience, has made me an effective and sympathetic collaborator. I have been in your chair and understand the unique role you play as a Leader.

My work usually includes one or more of the following components:

  • Serving as a confidential thought-partner for consequential strategic decisions. I provide an informed, impartial sounding board for critical questions and decisions.
  • Improving executive performance. I work closely with executives to widen and deepen competencies while addressing barriers to achieving goals.
  • Elevating and simplifying the corporate strategy. This process includes a crisp articulation of core strategic ideas, beliefs, and priorities.
  • Introducing new opportunities and ideas. I often connect my clients to prospective customers, executive talent, financial capital, corporate and M&A options.

Similar to an operating executive or Board member, I’m ALL IN on my client’s success. We will collaborate in the same trusted, fluid manner you use with other executives–we agree on goals and continuously adjust to address the issues and activities which warrant the greatest attention. Because my approach is highly agile and adaptive, there are no pre-requisite or staged projects that can artificially delay the time it takes to achieve results and tangible impact. 

My clients typically work with me under a retainer, usually for at least six months. In all cases, I only accept engagements when I’m highly confident I can deliver distinctive—if not outsized—value. 

Organizations in Our Network

“Ben joined the Board as a part of the General Catalyst investment and added immediate value to me and my team in every key facet of the business – organizational design, strategy, culture, technology investment, service development, and managing growth. Ben’s deep experience, passion, and candor made him a perfect coach for a rapidly growing business. His insights and ability to push the executive team have contributed tremendously to tuning our organization during a time that we have tripled revenue and grown backlog fivefold.”

Garrett Pagon Co-Founder, Advisory Board (Now Parsons NYSE: PSN)