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Do you have the vision to take your business to the next level in this turbulent economic environment?

Let Cedalion Partners help you maximize your potential. We are the ally you can trust to help see beyond any current barriers to success by creating the right actions.

Our Services

Our clients are typically the Chairman, CEO/President, and executive leaders at emerging Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations that deliver sophisticated technology, products, services, and solutions.

In addition to our corporate advisory services, we also provide counsel to leading private equity firms.

Our straightforward approach is always custom-tailored to the client’s current needs.

  • CEO Coaching.

    Improve performance and deliver measurable results.

  • Company Building.

    Develop strategies, build teams, launch products, and develop partnerships that create BIG outcomes.

  • Board & Advisory.

    Optimize board performance.

Behind the Name

At Cedalion Partners, we take our inspiration from Cedalion, the mythical servant, blacksmith and demi-god of smelting ore. As the story goes, after the blinded Orion visited Cedalion’s master, Hephaestus, Cedalion was appointed as Orion’s guide to journey to the home of the sun-god Helios where his eyesight was restored.

Similarly, Cedalion Partners works as a servant to high-level leaders to remove obstacles and achieve goals in the midst of challenges.

We provide the tools leaders need, make the necessary connections, and offer unique points of view that come from decades of C-level operating experience.

Blind Orion Searching for the Rising Sun 
by Nicolas Poussin, 1658

Trusted Reputation

“Ben advised and coached me at DBR360. As an experienced CEO, he understands the challenges of both building and operating a business and the need to keep focus on the strategy, structure and tactics required for an organization to succeed. Ben is extremely passionate about corporate growth and was a great asset to me as a sounding board, friendly debater and advisor. With Ben’s assistance, my Company experienced operational success and, ultimately, a successful exit.”

Dave Baule CEO MISO3, Founder Of Core180, DBR360 (Now: GTT Communications NYSE: GTT)

Our Clients

Our clients are most often growing quickly or facing rapid change–often precipitated by an organization change, a market opportunity, technology disruption, or related product innovation.

As a result, the leaders we come alongside are pursuing something BIG and meaningful.